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Prince, no other persons are allowed to touch the statue. 2 4 Eight towers On the eastern side of the temple premises there are eight towers or prangs, each of a different colour. 4 The Library Phra Mondop, the library Rama I also built a library in Thai style, in the middle of the complex, known bra första liners dejting webbplatser as the "Phra Mondop". Temple Publicity Services., 1968. In this ritual, dress of the deity is changed three times a year to correspond to the seasons.

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In 1860, King Mongkut ordered his generals to lead 2,000 men to dismantle Angkor Wat and take it to Bangkok. Nagasena predicted that: 2 The image of the Buddha is assuredly going to give to religion the most brilliant importance in five lands, that is in Lankadvipa ( Sri Lanka Ramalakka, Dvaravati, Chieng Mai and Lan Chang ( Laos ).

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Rama III started the renovations and rebuilding in 1831 for the 50th Anniversary of Bangkok of 1832, while Rama IV's restoration was completed by Rama V in time for the Bangkok Centennial celebrations in 1882. King Mongkut then ordered the construction of the model within Wat Phra Kaew, instead of the real Angkor Wat that could not be brought to Bangkok. This was followed by visit to the pantheon to pay homage to the images of past Chakri rulers that are installed there. The head of an elephant statue is also rubbed for good luck; this act of the people is reflected in the smoothness of the surface of elephant statues here. The pedestal on which the Emerald Buddha deified is decorated with Garuda (the mythical half-man half-bird form, a steed of Rama, who holds his mortal enemy Naga the serpent in his legs) motifs It is central to Thai Buddhism.

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