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fact, the DIV doesn't have a first letter. In html 4, this is always the html element. Sibling combinators There are two different sibling combinators: the next-sibling combinator and the subsequent-sibling combinator. Only one pseudo-element may appear per selector, and if present it must appear after the sequence of simple selectors that represents the subjects of the selector. The tokenizer is case-insensitive. The :first-letter pseudo-element may be used for "initial caps" and "drop caps which are common typographical effects. The :last-of-type pseudo-class represents an element that is the last sibling of its type. copyright 2018, w3C mIT, ercim, Keio, Beihang ). Examples: * a0 b0 c0 - specificity 0 LI a0 b0 c1 - specificity 1 UL LI a0 b0 c2 - specificity 2 UL olli a0 b0 c3 - specificity 3 H1 *RELup a0 b1 c1 - specificity 11 UL OL d a0.

This document is governed by the W3C Process Document. Pseudo-elements allow authors to refer to this otherwise inaccessible information.

For example, in html, element names are case-insensitive, but in XML, they are case-sensitive. For instance, document languages do not offer mechanisms to access the first letter or first line of an elements content. P If a pseudo-element breaks up a real element, the desired effect can often be described by a fictional tag sequence that closes and then re-opens the element. Pseudo-elements Pseudo-elements create abstractions about the document tree beyond those specified by the document language. User agents that do not support interactive media do not have to support this pseudo-class. The :active pseudo-class applies while an element is being activated by the user. Otherwise it is equivalent to nsE where ns is the default namespace. Unicode option case-insensitive ident?nmstartnmchar* name nmchar nmstart _a-znonasciiescape nonascii 0-177 unicode 0-9a-f1,6(rn nrtf)? An empty selector, containing no sequence of simple selectors and no pseudo-element, is an invalid selector. Div ol li p It represents a p element that is a descendant of an li element; the li element must be the child of an ol element; the ol element must be a descendant of a div. The last rule is equivalent to the fourth rule because no default namespace has been defined. Example: The following selector represents links översätt dating i malay carrying class external and already visited:.external:visited Note: It is possible for style sheet authors to abuse the :link and :visited pseudo-classes to determine which sites a user has visited without the user's consent.